Many diseases in the child are infectious; most of them are mild, of a viral nature, and are companions of the child during the first years of day care. But there are other diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites that can be contracted in and out of hospitals, which are less well known but more complex and require more specialized knowledge to be treated with guarantees.

This specialization gives rise to the Unit, which also deals with the pathology of the traveling child and that of adoption (this, together with other specialists, multidisciplinarily), since most adopted children come from less developed countries , they carry infectious diseases.

This unit belongs to the Pediatric Medicine Service.

Infectious Diseases Unit Coordinator, Adoption, A Traveling Child

Image of Dr Valentí Pineda, Coordinator of the Infectious Diseases Unit, Adoption, Child Traveler. Hospital of Sabadell. Parc Taulí

Valentí Pineda Solàs