Nocosomial Infection Control Unit

In the Nocosomial Infection Control Unit, we work closely with the Infection Control medical and nursing staff.

Unit activity

  • Hand hygiene program.
  • Continuing training for professionals on SARS-CoV-2 infection.
  • Monitoring and monitoring of indicators.
  • Microorganisms of epidemiological interest (MR Resistant Microorganisms):

- Daily follow-up of MRs and indicate precautionary measures for patients infected or colonized by MR.

- Surveillance rounds of precautionary measures and evaluation.

- Streamline the management of beds by optimizing isolation times.

- Daily monitoring of MR in the ICU following the Zero Resistance program. 

  • Prospective follow-up of parenteral nutrition and catheter bacteremia.
  • Follow-up of the mandatory and optional indicators established by the VINCat infection commission.
  • Realization of the annual cut of the incidence of phlebitis in the Hospital.

On the other hand, the medical staff monitors nosocomial infections, especially those caused by multi-resistant microorganisms, those of particular severity such as fungal infection or those presenting specific risk groups such as immunocompromised people.

Within the Unit, support is provided, both in hospitalization and in the outpatient setting, for surgical and prosthetic infection in a multidisciplinary team, where the infectologist is integrated with surgeons and/or traumatologists to take a global approach to the patient and optimize antibiotic and surgical treatment.

Parc Taulí actively participates in the program VINCat, which establishes a unified surveillance system for nosocomial infection in the hospitals of Catalonia. Its mission is to reduce nosocomial infection rates through active and continuous epidemiological surveillance.