Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation


Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is the medical specialty that corresponds to the diagnosis, monitoring of the evolution, prevention and treatment of disability with the aim of facilitating, maintaining or restoring the maximum degree of functional capacity and independence possible.

The rehabilitation process involves a multidisciplinary team made up of professionals from the Service itself, made up of doctors specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and Nursing Assistant Technicians (TCAIS), with the collaboration of orthopedic technicians. , neuropsychologists, social workers and doctors in other specialties.

It is a clinical and support service that acts in a transversal way, collaborating with all the medical and surgical services of the Hospital de Sabadell and the Albada Sociosanitary Center, as well as with the primary care centers.

Our specific areas of diagnosis and treatment are: Rehabilitation of the Locomotor System, Lymphoedemas, Pelvic floor, Prostheses and orthoses, Respiratory (children and adults), Neurorehabilitation-Spasticity, as well as in the field of diagnosis and treatment speech therapy. of disorders of speech, speech, voice, and swallowing.

The Service has a care, teaching and research aspect. From a healthcare point of view, it treats inpatients and outpatients. At the teaching level, he attends undergraduate training in Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy, postgraduate courses in physiotherapy, speech therapy and MIR in other medical specialties. Participates in multidisciplinary groups of the different pathologies treated and in the elaboration of protocols, trajectories and clinical guidelines. In research he has received awards, scholarships, and actively participates in research studies, as well as in the promotion of health.

The team actively participates in training programs and prevention of osteomuscular injuries of workers, in collaboration with the Occupational Health Service of the center itself.

We are a young and active service, qualified and with a long experience.

Director of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Service

Photo by Nanda Caballero, Coordinator of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Unit. Hospital of Sabadell. Parc Taulí

Nanda Caballero Gómez