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Rehabilitation exercises

Anterior cruciate ligament: exercises for before of the intervention


Breast cancer: post-lymphadenectomy rehabilitation rehabilitation exercises

After the operation she has undergone (axillary lymphadenectomy) she may notice that, when mobilizing the affected arm, both the chest area, the armpit and the shoulder are stiff and sore; you may also notice alterations in sensitivity.

The following video is designed to make it easier to practice the exercises at home.

Breast cancer: exercises for the rehabilitation and prevention of lymphedema

After surgery and / or radiation therapy in a breast cancer patient, movement restrictions, impaired sensitivity, pain, loss of shoulder strength, and concomitant areas may occur. In treatments in which the lymph nodes are removed and / or irradiated, there is an increased risk of suffering from lymphoedema.

With the intention of preventing and rehabilitating these possible complications, we recommend the practice of the following physical exercise program:

Functional decline


Back maintenance