Intensive and Critical Care Unit II

The Intensive Care Unit has 27 monitored rooms for patients with complex critical pathology and the need for advanced life support treatment.

The Critical Care Unit II has 12 monitored rooms for intermediate risk patients, moderate critical pathology and need for specific care in the critical care area.


Prehospital area

The Prehospital area carries out its professional activity both on land and in the air using the Rapid Intervention Vehicle (VIR), the Medical Advanced Life Support Unit (USVAM) and the medical helicopter (HS), in accordance with the collaboration agreements with the Medical Emergency System (SEM), so the activation always comes from the Health Coordination Center (CECOS).

The assistance activity offers care 24 hours a day during the 365 days of the year, and has primary services, where patients are cared for "on site" and subsequently transferred to a health center (hospital or CUAP ) or even be registered; and secondary or interhospital services. Additionally, drills for special situations or catastrophes are carried out jointly with other emergency services, such as the Generalitat Fire Brigade or the Police Force.

The medical care area of ​​the land area is developed primarily in the health region of Barcelona Metropolitana Nord and supports other health regions where appropriate.

As for the air sector, the Medical Emergency System has a total of four medical helicopters operating during the day, of which the only helicopter with a 24-hour continuous care service is that of the Parc Taulí Hospital . The provision of this device helps to guarantee equity in the public health system throughout the Catalan territory, reduce the time of health care and reduce the time of inter-hospital transfer, in addition to improving health coverage in peripheral areas.