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Utility tools

LIRMI. Program for the self-evaluation of specialized training in Internal Medicine

LIRMI is a program for the evaluation of specialized training in Internal Medicine and for the evaluation of the trunk training in Internal Medicine of residents of other specialties.

It is based on a series of validated self-assessment questionnaires to analyze the acquisition of clinical competencies during Internal Medicine training (published in Rev Clin Esp 2012)

It also includes items that refer to the important competences in our profession, according to CanMeds: communication, training, professional, resource management, health promotion and teamwork skills.

Finally, LIRMI includes questions about aspects such as care activity, organization, responsibilities and work environment, which can affect the training of residents.

To start the program, In this trial version, you must follow the instructions below:

  1. Enter the 8888 code and the 8888 password, thus accessing the tutor's home page.
  2. Then press the “Enter Residents and Planning” button and then the “Enter New Residents” button. At this point you will be prompted to assign code and password numbers for each of the residents. Internal must be a 4-digit number (<9999) The password of residents of other specialties in rotation for Internal Medicine must be a 5-digit number (> 10000).
  3. Finally, each resident's rotation planning will be introduced using the "Enter rotations" button.

From this point on, residents can now carry out their self-evaluations by entering the program with their code number and password. To analyze the results (and to introduce and analyze the staff evaluations), the tutors will have to access the program with the tutor code and password (default 8888 and 8888 respectively).

This is a 120 day trial of LIRMI.

To resolve doubts or request adaptations or modifications to the program, please contact:

Joaquin Oristrell
Director of the Internal Medicine Service
Parc Taulí Health Corporation. Sabadell (Barcelona)
This e-mail address is being protected from robots spam.Necessites Javascript enabled to view it.

Download the program

System requirements:
- Windows XP or higher
- Microsoft Access 2000 or higher
- Disk space above 200 MB