Medicine tends to specialize in increasingly specific areas. However, the internal organs (heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, brain, ...) are closely related and the diseases of one organ often have an effect on the functioning of others.

An overall view of the whole individual is needed in order to effectively solve many health problems. Internal Medicine specialists (internists) perform this function in the hospital setting.

Internists are the professionals who usually treat pluripathological patients, patients with nonspecific symptoms that require a complex diagnostic approach, geriatric patients with acute decompensation, and patients with processes that affect multiple organs or systems such as infectious diseases and diseases autoimmune.

The Parc Taulí Internal Medicine Service has a team of professionals who are experts in multiple areas of medicine (diagnostic medicine, prevalent diseases such as chronic heart failure or respiratory failure, infectious diseases, thromboembolic disease or autoimmune diseases). We work in a protocolized way in teams made up of doctors, nurses and technicians in auxiliary nursing care (TCAI). The Internal Medicine Service is present in the areas of conventional hospitalization, day hospital, home hospitalization and in the outpatient consultations of the hospital itself.

Our mission is to provide quality, evidence-based, cost-effective, global patient care.

Director of the Internal Medicine Service

Ricard Comet Mt.