Chronic heart failure


Heart failure (CI) is a prevalent health problem, being the first cause of admission to the Internal Medicine services.

HF, especially in the elderly, is often associated with pluripathology and is most often chronic, with frequent hospital admissions and significant functional impact and quality of life.

Several studies have shown that monitoring of these patients in specialized multidisciplinary units is effective in improving the survival and quality of life of these patients, in which patients with potentially severe medical pathology need a quick diagnosis. (similar to or slightly higher than hospital admission) and allow the patient's condition to be performed on an outpatient basis.

This area addresses patients with advanced chronic heart failure whose aggressive interventions have been dismissed (otherwise they would have to be referred to CCEE Cardiology), with difficult pharmacological management or easy clinical instability which makes it difficult for them to be taken care of by professionals. primary care.


  • Ricard Comet Mt.
  • Rosa Jordana Comanjucosa
  • Susana Herranz Martinez
  • Antonia Villarino March

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