Information for professionals


Areas of research

  • Hemodialysis Vascular Access Program (VAP) (Dr. J. Ibeas).
  • High blood pressure (Dr. J. Almirall).
  • Cardiovascular risk - Arterial stiffness - Renal failure (Dr. J. Almirall).
  • Advanced chronic renal failure (Dr. JC Martínez Ocaña).
  • Peritoneal dialysis (Dr. E. Ponz).
  • Limitation of therapeutic effort and anticipated will in hemodialysis (Dr. A. Rodríguez Jornet).
  • Conservative treatment and prognosis in chronic renal failure (Dr. M. García).



Current training courses

To be a resident in the Nephrology Service

Schedule of regular service sessions

  • General clinical session
  • Clinicopathological session
  • Bibliographic session
  • General refresher session in Medicine (Internal Medicine and all medical specialties)
  • Nephrourological session
  • Multidisciplinary session Nephrology - Interventional Radiology - Vascular Surgery
  • Mortality session
  • Administrative / organizational session of the service