Nephrology is the part of Internal Medicine that aims to study kidney health and disease. Its contents include:

  • prevention, diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease.
  • study and treatment of general processes that result from renal failure: HTA, hydroelectrolytic disorders.
  • study, development, management and monitoring of renal replacement techniques and patients: hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and renal transplantation. Professional exercise involves an overview and management of the patient using complex technologies with a comprehensive and integrative view of the patient.

The Nephrology Service of the Hospital of Sabadell aims to provide quality care with criteria of effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability to patients with kidney disease and refractory arterial hypertension in the area of ​​reference.

The targets Specifics of the Nephrology Service are as follows:

  • Carry out the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of patients with renal pathology.
  • Participate in planning the coverage of care needs.
  • Participate in training programs.
  • Develop continuing education, teaching and research for professionals to maintain and improve the quality of care for patients with kidney disease.

Our mission is to provide quality, evidence-based, cost-effective, global patient-centered nephrological care.


  • Program for the diagnosis, treatment and control of kidney disease;
  • Chronic renal failure, advanced chronic kidney disease, acute renal failure, renal parenchymal disease (glomerular, interstitial and vascular), relapsing renal lithiasis.
  • Program for the diagnosis, treatment and control of refractory arterial hypertension.
  • Control program for renal transplant patients in a shared manner with the Kidney Transplant Unit.
  • Hemodialysis Vascular Access (PAV) Program 
  • Hospitalization with specialized nephrology team.
  • Hemodialysis program for acute patients.
  • Hemodialysis program for chronic patients.
  • Program of manual and automatic Peritoneal Dialysis with cycler.
  • Continuous specialized nephrological care (24 h, 7 days a week).

Director of the Nephrology Service

Jaume Admiral Daly