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During pregnancy, various situations may arise that may cause doubts or insecurities to mothers / couples. It must be evaluated whether these are alarms or not. When in doubt, consult a professional.


You should go to a doctor or hospital if you have any or all of the following situations:


  • Major visual disturbances

  • Very intense headache

  • High blood pressure (over 140/90)

  • Sensation of dizziness

  • Frequent nausea

  • Respiratory problems

  • Intense abdominal pain

  • Pain in the mouth of the stomach (epigastric)

  • Loss of fluid or blood similar to a rule

  • Swollen feet, hands and face

  • Fever over 38 degrees

  • Urinary discomfort

  • Intense diarrhea

  • No movements of the baby are noticeable

  • Painful uterine contractions

  • Allergies and skin rashes