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Accompanying a childbirth

Childbirth, an everyday process that is full of uncertainty, often causes women to seek companionship in order to walk with them.

This accompaniment will be very useful throughout the process, supporting in the phase of dilation, calming the anxiety, alleviating the woman of her fears and being a good interpreter of her wishes.

Therefore, it is very important to find a partner who knows what kind of childbirth you want to perform, a desire that will be reflected in the birth plan, developed and agreed during pregnancy, and that will be delivered on the same day of delivery.

The person accompanying you can be very helpful if, in addition to getting to know the person well, you have attended the "Preparation for Birth" classes in the reference CAP, and / or have read bibliography related to the process of part, and thus be able to understand each moment of the process and be able to provide more conscious and adequate support.

The importance of the couple's support, family or friendship, lies in offering the woman a well-known, close reference that represents her closest and most intimate environment in the hospital setting, which is often unknown to her. In this way, the anxiety caused by this reason is diminished and, at the same time, the necessary support is given at the sweetest and most anticipated moment of a woman's life.

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The best thing is that the person accompanying you is a person who brings peace, serenity, confidence and security to the woman throughout the process and in this way to achieve a more comfortable environment during childbirth. That is, a person who responds to the physical, psychological and emotional needs when the woman requires them.

The companion role does not have to be an active role and it does not have to do many tasks. Rather, their presence, their bond with her, their love, their support, is the best role to play, as well as responding to the needs they may encounter during the process.

Inside the hospital, it is important not to make any changes to the chosen person to enter the delivery room, as these changes, the loss of the emotional referent chosen at such a delicate time, can disrupt the emotional stability of the woman during the processes of dilation and delivery.

In addition to the chosen companion, the professional support of a midwife is also provided during the process. The midwife will do a personalized control and guidance for each patient. Also, the midwife is responsible for making sure that the whole birth process is properly carried out, in coordination with the gynecology team, always respecting and advising the wishes of the woman, answering her doubts, contributing the support that needs both physical, emotional and / or psychological, trying to meet all the needs and expectations of the woman.

Ultimately, our goal is for the mother to remember this day as happily and happily as possible.