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Early high postpartum program

That is? What is your goal?

Early discharge consists of advancing the discharge to the mother and the healthy baby at 24-36 hours with the aim of improve the quality of care favoring the return of the mother and baby to their usual environment as soon as possible. The participation in the High Early Program is voluntary.


  • Pregnancy with a correct course without risk. Easy access to the hospital and adequate family support.
  • Normal vaginal delivery and normal postpartum without complications.
  • Baby out with a normal weight. Normal scan without any additional control in the first 48 h. Accept the commitment to properly monitor your baby.
  • Breastfeeding established; effective breastfeeding without problems.


  • After the hospital discharge, postpartum checks must be followed at the CAP: you will receive a call from the CAP to schedule a visit with the midwife (at the consultation or at home). The midwife will recommend real checks
  • A visit to the hospital will be scheduled for baby monitoring and early detection test ("heel test") in the first 5 days.
  • If you have any questions or queries you can call the midwives of the hospital and the CAP.

It is important to assess the baby’s activity, proper feeding, emission of feces, skin color, and proper care of the navel.


  • Postpartum satisfaction.
  • Postpartum recovery.
  • Link between mother and baby.
  • Time of dedication of the couple to the mother and the baby.

FAQ Frequently asked questions

Is it safe to go home 24-36h after delivery?

Pregnancy and childbirth are normal processes, not a disease, so after the hours of greatest risk, the best place to adapt to motherhood is home for both mother and baby.

What if I have doubts when I am home?

You can contact the hospital and CAP professionals by telephone.

What are the benefits of conventional discharge?

Improves maternal-infant bonding, reduces in-hospital infections, improves maternal rest, and promotes breastfeeding, among others.