The Parc Taulí Medical Oncology Service aims to offer agile, coordinated, comprehensive, personalized and quality patient-centered oncology care, both scheduled and urgent, to patients in our reference population where, with the highest level of efficiency, assistance, teaching and research are integrated.

We are a reference service within our area of ​​influence in various areas of pathology, able to respond to our social commitment, with the competence and excellence of its professionals.

All the professionals who make up the team collaborate and participate in a group project, getting involved in the continuous improvement of care, both in aspects of planning, management and organization and execution, as well as in the tasks of teaching and research.

From the Service, there is a special concern to train residents with skills in all areas of knowledge, and help them during their period of residence to acquire all the skills necessary for the future development of their professional activity.

The healthcare activity is carried out in three different areas:

  • Hospitalization Area, where processes of complex diagnosis, treatment of complications and support of symptoms are carried out.
  • Day Hospital Area, where the different parenteral oncological treatments or transfusion support are administered, and where patients with acute complications derived from their oncological process are treated.
  • Outpatient Area, where the largest volume of activity is focused, with first visits, treatment visits and follow-up of outpatients.

We are also involved in the development and application of different clinical trials that include healthcare and research, in order to offer our patients the best treatments and access to new drugs.

The Medical Oncology Service carries out an important teaching activity both undergraduate (medical students) and postgraduate, in the MIR training of the specialty. Theoretical and practical classes in the specialty of Oncology are taught in the Teaching Unit of the UAB Faculty of Medicine.

Director of the Medical Oncology Service

Miquel Àngel I followed Palmer