Chronic kidney disease represents an important change in your life for both the patient and the family / primary caregivers, with no doubt about the care needed to cope with the disease in the best way possible and to achieve an acceptable quality of life while trying to learn. to live with her.

With the design of this guide, we want to provide all the information and consultation tools needed to increase security, promote the autonomy of the patient and the family / primary caregivers, strengthen knowledge and minimize the complications arising from both his illness and treatment renal replacement to which it is attached: hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis or kidney transplant, but without trying to replace one of the most important functions of our profession such as direct patient education.

We have tried to develop an easily understandable, illustrative guide, which can be accessed by everyone 24 hours a day, and accessible, so that anyone, regardless of their abilities (blind or severely visually impaired, short-sighted, disabled engines, among others), can access all content. Soon we will also integrate a consultation box so that the answers to possible questions can be shared by everyone who accesses the web.

Team responsible for the preparation of this guide: Raquel Garcia Moreno, Carme Grau Pueyo, Carmen Moya Mejía, Laura Picazo López, Josefa Ramírez Vaca, Mónica Rico Torrents, Dialysis Nurses; Thaïs López Alba, assistant doctor of the Nephrology Service. October 2014.

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