Hemodialysis Frequently Asked Questions

How does the dialyzer clean my blood?

The dialyser has a semipermeable membrane that separates blood from the dialysis fluid. Red blood cells, proteins, and other important elements are not filtered because they cannot cross the membrane because of their size. Smaller toxins such as urea, sodium and potassium, among others, as well as excess fluid in the body, pass through the membrane and are eliminated through the dialysis fluid.

What tricks can I use to avoid drinking so much fluid when I am thirsty?

To keep your thirst under control, distribute the amount of fluid you can drink throughout the day using small glasses or a small bottle, which should last all day. You can gargle with cold water or lemon water, suck ice cubes, chew gum or candy, or brush your teeth. Avoid salt and salty foods as they will increase your thirst.

How long will each hemodialysis session last?

Most people dial three times a week, each session lasting between three and a half to four hours. The amount of time on hemodialysis you will need will depend on your nephrologist's prescription.

What do you mean when talking about my dry weight?

It is the weight that the body should have without excess fluid. It is the weight that we rely on to calculate the amount of fluid that has accumulated between the hemodialysis sessions and therefore is what we need to eliminate in each session. This weight can be changed depending on whether you eat more and gain weight or if you lose weight.

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