Frequently asked questions in kidney transplantation

My partner has IRCT and he has to start replacement therapy with hemodialysis. Can I donate a kidney?

Yes, it is possible that there is a compatibility in the blood group, otherwise there is an alternative to a donor exchange. The donation must be free and altruistic, the donor must be of legal age and have a good state of health.

Two months ago, I had a TR and I had a few days with swollen feet and a little higher blood pressure than usual. Should I consult with my TR team? What could be due?

Yes, you should consult with your transplant team to rule out a possible rejection.

I have a kidney transplant, before I did hemodialysis and I had very limited consumption of fruits by potassium and also liquids. Should I also restrict them from my diet now?

After a kidney transplant your dietary restrictions are gone and you will be allowed to eat almost everything depending on your condition. Two of the things that are most appreciated after the transplant is being able to drink fluid and eat anything. Some people will have to follow special diets due to the associated pathology: diabetes, high cholesterol, among others.

Will I ever be able to stop immunosuppressive treatment or is it forever?

Immunosuppressive treatment is a treatment that must be followed strictly for life to avoid rejection of the transplanted kidney. All immunosuppressive drugs can have side effects, usually controllable. Do not stop taking them if they appear and consult your nephrologist.

If I am a transplant patient, can I sunbathe when I go to the beach?

Transplanted patients should not sunbathe as they are at increased risk for skin cancer due to immunosuppressive medication. It is very important to periodically observe the skin to rule out new lesions and it is advisable to visit the dermatologist annually.

If I am a transplant patient, can I have animals at home?

Some pets may transmit infections to the transplanted patient, especially cats and dogs. They should be properly vaccinated, you should avoid their licks and your hands should be washed after touching them. Do not clean unprotected bird cages or kennels.

If I am a transplant patient, can I practice exercise?

Once the convalescence period has passed, you must restart your daily life. The practice of moderate physical activity is highly recommended and has many benefits, and must always be authorized by the doctor responsible for monitoring the transplant.

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