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Diagnosis and treatment circuit

The patient arrives at our Unit derived from primary care, private medicine, emergencies, genetic counseling or the population screening program. Once in the Unit, diagnostic tests are performed on the Diagnostic Imaging Service, and subsequently, when the Pathology Service confirms the diagnosis, a priority visit is given to the patient with a member of the surgical team, who inform him of the diagnosis and if further tests are needed.

There is a weekly meeting of the Breast Pathology Committee, made up of all the members of the Unit, where the assessment of the treatment to be followed, surgical and / or medical, and the order in which they must be performed are made.

The vast majority of cases require first surgery and, after the operation, the patient is visited by the Oncology Service, where she is informed of whether or not to add any additional treatment. In other cases, medical treatment will begin.

In the course of treatment, some adverse effects may appear, both physical and emotional, which will be resolved in a medical, rehabilitative and psychological way, if necessary.