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Benign pathology of the breast

The benign pathology of the breast is very wide and, although in the Parc Taulí it is taken care of in its totality, we dedicate this section to the most frequent one and that can motivate more doubts and / or preoccupation.

Some of these pathologies may be medically controlled, and others will require surgery.

Breast pain

Breast pain can be due to different causes, but it is worth noting that it is only attributable to cancer in 1-3% of cases.

It should also be considered that there is premenstrual cyclic pain which, although annoying, is not at all worrisome.


Fibroadenoma is the most common benign tumor, appearing mostly between 15 and 30 years of age. Given such a young age of onset, ultrasound is the most appropriate technique for its diagnosis.

They usually remain stable, but their sudden growth may suggest a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis.
The reasons for its removal are: the large size with or without breast deformity, pain, or anxiety that can cause (cancerophobia).


Cysts are well-defined nodules, with liquid content, and can be controlled basically by ultrasound.

In case of rapid growth of one of them, sudden pain usually appears, the solution being the puncture and evacuation of its contents.

Breast secretions

Breast secretions, depending on whether they are bilateral, through one or more orifices, as well as their organoleptic causes, will follow a diagnostic process that includes analytical, cytology and / or small surgical interventions, such as the removal of a duct. .


Mastitis is usually a bacterial infection and is almost always associated with the puerperium (lactation).

Antibiotics will be the usual treatment and, only in cases of unresolved abscess, a puncture or surgical debridement will be necessary to evacuate the infected contents.

There are some non-puerperal mastitis that appear mostly in young, smoking women, draining spontaneously through the areola. This process can become chronic, with fistulas appearing that require surgery.


Gynecomastia is a proliferation of breast tissue in the child / man. It can be physiological between the ages of 10 and 16 and should not be confused with lipomastia, where only the fat increases.

Surgery is reserved in case of persistent deformity, pain, or psychological disorders related to body image.

Breast hypertrophy

Excessive breast size, in addition to causing an aesthetic alteration, can cause back pain.

According to regulations already established by the Plastic Surgery Service, they may be subject to surgical treatment.

Developmental abnormalities

The most common developmental abnormalities are: supernumerary nipples or breasts, absence of breast, or breast hypertrophy.

These are abnormalities that can cause aesthetic and / or psychoemotional problems, and that are solved surgically with or without plastic surgery support.