Training courses carried out

I Theoretical-Practical Course of Ultrasound for Vascular Access in Nephrology

  • February 19-20, 2009

Specific training program

Goal: rotation programs to provide training to professionals related to vascular access to achieve comprehensive training in the management of AV that allows them to put it into practice in their care work.

Intensive courses

Resident rotations (1-3 months)

A) Incorporation into healthcare dynamics. Targets:

  • Learn to place the hemodialysis catheter in an ecodirected way.
  • Learn to map the patient candidate for vascular access.
  • Learn to perform ultrasound monitoring of vascular access.
    • Pathology recognition: stenosis, thrombosis, aneurysms, pseudoaneurysms, anatomical abnormalities, ultrasound-guided puncture, etc.
    • Flow measurement.
    • Guidance for therapeutic decision making in the multidisciplinary context with vascular surgery, interventional radiology and nursing.

B) Incorporation into any of the active lines of research.

Other events