The Hospital de Sabadell has been a Reference Center for Reimplantations in Catalonia since 1998.

The microsurgery training is taught at the Center for Experimental Surgery (CCE) of the Mutua Sabadellenca, Private Foundation, located in the Parc Taulí Health Corporation premises.

This unit belongs to the Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology Service.

History of the Unit

1972 - 1973: First nerve suture and repair of a brachial plexus performed by Dr. Victor M. Leal Serra.
1977: Start of vascular microsurgery at an experimental level, by Dr. Ramon Vila Rovira followed by Dr. Joan Pi Folguera.
1979: First thumb implantation (1979). Joan Pi Folguera.
1982: First hand implantation.
1982: First vascularized bone transplant, first free (scapular) pendant and first toe transplant in hand.

Training: Center for Experimental Surgery of the Mutual Sabadellenca, Private Foundation

Logo Center for Experimental Surgery Mutual Sabadellenca Private Foundation

El Center of Experimental Surgery of the Mutual Sabadellenca, Private Foundation (CCE), chaired by Mr. Josep Casas, is located in the Parc Taulí Health Corporation. It was created in 1970 by the then "Mutual Sabadellenca de Accidentes", and founded by Dr. Josep Domingo Pech. From the beginning of the year 2005, the Dr. Gabriel Gili Cirera, consultant of the Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology Service of the Hospital de Sabadell.

Montse Rusiñol, Toni Roma's veterinarian, and Toni Roma's veterinary assistant, Sandra Latorre, are working at CCE. The Center, accredited by the Government of Catalonia, is equipped with a complete operating room, a practice room with microscopes, a room, an audiovisual room, an office and a wardrobe.

During these years, they have been:

  • 225 experimental plans.
  • 70 theses.
  • Doctoral theses.
  • The beginning of transplant surgery (kidney, liver, heart, lung, etc.)
  • Microsurgery courses led by Dr. Joan Pi Folguera, Dr. Salvador Fernández García and Dr. Carlos Puente Alonso: Basic and microsurgical technique - 1 year duration -, with examination and Diploma awarded to those who pass it, by the Official College of Physicians of Barcelona, ​​chaired by Dr. Miquel Bruguera Cortada.
  • Practices of the international DSTC courses, ATLS and TEM, led by Dr. Salvador Navarro.

The spaces are shared by the International Translational Research Group led by Dr. Lluís Blanch Torra and Robotics led by Enric Laporte Roselló.

The CCE has agreements with various centers, the collaboration with the Fundació Institut d'Investigació i Innovació Parc Taulí (I3PT) and the Fundació Cirujanos Plastikos Mundi to develop programs and activities in the third world.

Since May 2006 he has been representing Spain in the European Institute of Spinal Cord Research, based in Brescia, Italy, chaired by Prof. Giorgio Brunelli.

Some of the notable visits the CCE has received include the Nobel Prize in Medicine Rita Levi Montalcini, the Prof. Giorgio Brunelli, of the University of Brescia, Dr. Carmen Regina Domingo, University of San Francisco, Academic Dr. Antoni Caralps, Prof. Joaquim Barraquer, Dr. Moisés Broggi, the Rector of the UIC, Prof. Josep Argemí, etc.


Coordinator of the Reimplantation Unit

Monica Salomó Domènech