Photo of the Digestive System Service team


The Rheumatology Service began its activity in 1991. It offers specialized care to patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system and systemic autoimmunity.

The Service carries out hospital outpatient activities, outpatient consultations in the two Specialized Care Centers (CAE) in our area of ​​influence and conventional hospitalization plant activity. It also has a day hospital to enable the administration of treatments that require intravenous perfusion and a technical office for the practice of diagnostic and therapeutic techniques in the specialty, such as ultrasound, capillaryoscopy, biopsies. (synovial, muscular, subcutaneous fat, salivary gland) and microscopic analysis of joint fluid.

The Rheumatology team maintains an important scientific activity, actively participating in courses, symposia and conferences, with regular publications in national and international scientific journals, and carrying out multiple projects in the different areas of the specialty.

It is a young and dynamic service that has the conditions to acquire clinical and research training in the field of Rheumatology.

Director of the Rheumatology Service

Photograph by Jordi Gratacós Masmitjà

Jordi Gratacós Masmitjà