Pediatric Rheumatology is responsible for the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of a group of heterogeneous diseases, which affect not only the musculoskeletal system, but also many other parts of the body including non-traumatic osteoarticular diseases, autoimmune systemic diseases and diseases. self-inflammatory). That is why a good relationship with the rest of the pediatric specialties is necessary, in order to be able to assess the patient from all the areas involved.

Given that they are generally chronic diseases, which can secondarily affect growth, development, schooling, ... and / or that often, as a result of treatments, the vaccination schedule must be modified, they require good follow-up by the pediatrician and a knowledge of the disease by it. It is also a growing specialty that in recent years is experiencing constant changes, both in the diagnosis of new diseases and in the introduction of new treatments.

Interhospital relations: Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

Currently, the Pediatric Rheumatology Unit works together, constituting a true interhospital pediatric rheumatology care service, with the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu in Barcelona (Dr. J. Anton), in order to provide comprehensive care, high level and also close to any child who needs it.

The Pediatric Rheumatology Unit is integrated into the Pediatric Medicine Service.

Coordinator of the Pediatric Rheumatology Unit

Judith Sánchez Manubens