Learning and practicing in simulation,
we will be able to practice safer medical practice


Parc Taulí Simulation (SimPT) is a physical space intended for the training and education of health professionals in the different stages of their continuing education (undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing education).

It is conceived as a teaching tool by the Parc Taulí Health Corporation, which has an excellent healthcare team and is a benchmark in Catalonia and Spain. At Parc Taulí, teaching becomes a continuous commitment with the aim of providing higher quality, safer and more efficient care to our patients.

The advantages and applications of simulation-based education have been demonstrated in recent years, making it possible to repeat the student's training as many times as necessary, allowing mistakes without real consequences. All in order to improve the quality of care of our patients, ensuring safety and preventing critical errors.

In the SimPT spaces we adapt to the objectives of the course directors, with the application of a clear methodology. We provide the necessary support and adapt our spaces to the simulation of basic or critical techniques that occur in the different areas of health care (ICU, emergency room, operating room ...). We place special emphasis on learning the coordination, leadership, and communication of care teams.

The courses taught at SimPT are accredited by the Fundació Parc Taulí-Institut Universitari, the Consell Català de Ressucitació (CCR) and other reference institutions.

SimPT also offers the space for the development of teaching activities based on simulation to external health and educational institutions that request it.

Responsible for Simulation Parc Taulí

  • Lluís Blanch Torra



Management committee

  • Lluís Blanch Torra
    Research and Innovation Management
  • Eugeni Berlanga Staircase
    Chairman of the Institutional Teaching Committee
  • Montserrat Mountain Staircase
    Head of the nursing teaching program
  • Esther Bonet
    Chair of the Institutional Training Committee
  • Loli Prados Cazorla
    Head of Administration of the Fundació Parc Taulí
  • pending
    Parc Taulí Simulation Coordinator