Unit bed of the ICU and Semicritics

The CSPT Intensive Care Service, located on the first floor of the Taulí Building, conducts its care activity in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), which has 16 monitored single rooms and an exploration room to carry out radiological studies and placement of temporary cardiac pacemakers and the Semicritics Unit (USC), adjacent to the ICU, with 14 beds monitored for serious and high-risk patients, but with little likelihood of needing treatment. active invasive. The ICU and USC form the Department of Critical Pathology, which guarantees multiprofessional assistance to critical patients, by severity, 24 hours a year.

The Intensive Care Service is accredited for the training of 3 residents of the Intensive Care Medicine specialty and receives other medical and surgical specialties from the same hospital as part of its training program at the ICU. The Service also regularly hosts Intensive Care Medicine residents from other centers, both domestic and foreign, for more specific training periods.

The members of the Service participate in the teaching activities of the University, teaching Intensive Medicine classes and practical seminars. It also receives medical and nursing students during their internships.

Research activity plays an extremely important role, including clinical research in many areas of Intensive Care, which includes hemodynamic monitoring, mechanical ventilation, sepsis, severe infections and critical neurological disorders, among others. The research group is composed of a multidisciplinary team composed of doctors, nurses, biologists, microbiologists and epidemiologists, who carry out their own studies and in collaboration with other centers, national and international. In addition, participating in international clinical trials allows certain patients to receive new therapies, especially aimed at controlling infection and severe sepsis. The results of this scientific activity have allowed the group to consolidate in national and international forums, with the result of publishing in high-impact journals.

This unit is integrated into the Intensive Care Service