Information for companions

Access for companions

In order to seek maximum peace of mind and order in the Emergency Department, access for companions is subject to the following rules:

  • All people who access the Emergency Service must be duly identified:
    • The sick will bring one identification bracelet.
    • Companions must bring one card with the patient's name, which must be visible.
  • Only one companion per patient is allowed. In the Pediatrics area two companions are allowed, except during the winter saturation period, when only one companion is allowed.
  • The rest of the companions can wait in the waiting room at the entrance.
  • The change between the relatives, for those patients who remain in the Emergency Department, must be done at the entrance, and a prior agreement between them is convenient.

Professionals will be able to make clear the need to respect these rules to those companions who do not carry the identification card.

Medical information to companions

No information schedule is set. The doctor, however, will provide the first information about the patient's condition as soon as possible. Subsequently, only it will be reported if there are significant changes in the evolution of the patient.

The silence

Speak quietly and try not to make a noise. We ask that you mute the cell phone.

Personal belongings

Personal care must be taken, as the hospital cannot be held responsible, especially for dental prostheses and glasses.

Thank you in advance for your collaboration!