The choice of patients

As long as it is not a vital urgency - in which cases the care is immediate - the patients who enter through the door of the Emergency Service are welcomed at Reception, where their entry is registered and they are provided with identification bracelet.

In a period of less than 10 minutes from receipt, patients are cared for by a Triage Nurse, who classifies their severity level. The nurse applies the MAT triage model.

What is the triage model 'MAT'?

It is the Andorran Triage Model (MAT), implemented by the Ministry of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya in hospitals and primary care centers throughout the country. It is a structured system that classifies the degree of emergency by assessing symptoms and signs grouped for clinical reasons, valid for children and adults, using the PAT computer program. 

How many levels of triage or gravity are there?

The MAT / PAT computer system assigns the severity level and the care area to which each patient will be treated by the doctor, so that most urgent patients will be treated before those considered less urgent.

It has a scale of five levels of gravity:

  • Nivell 1: Situations that require resuscitation, with immediate vital risk.
  • Nivell 2: Situations of emergency or very urgent, of predictable vital risk, and which resolution depends radically of the time.
  • Nivell 3: Emergency situations, with potential life-threatening risks.
  • Nivell 4: Situations of less urgency, potentially complex, but without potential life risk.
  • Nivell 5: Non-urgent situations that allow a delay in care or can be programmed without risk to the patient.

How many triage clinics do we have?

In the Emergency Service of the Hospital de Sabadell we have four offices and two boxes of choice.

  • 2 clinics with two cameras that monitor the Triage room, the medical area waiting room and the teen waiting room.
  • 1 chest pain triage box
  • 1 box of patient shaken.

Gynecology and Obstetrics (3rd floor)
  • 1 office with a camera that monitors the waiting room.

  • 1 office and a nurse control room with a camera that monitors the Pediatrics waiting room and the adolescent waiting room.

Characteristics of the choice 'MAT'

  • Ensures periodic re-evaluation of patients that do not present life-threatening conditions For example, a patient with Level 3 Severity, once the pain has been administered by the painkiller according to the advanced triage protocol, may become a patient with Level 4.
  • Inform patients and their families about the type of service you need, and the likely wait time.
  • Manage existing resources, by designating the specialty and area of ​​care, the waiting rooms and the activity of the different care teams.