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Hospital classrooms are "like schools inside a hospital". We respond to the right to receive educational care, which a child or adolescent has, when due to illness, requires hospitalization and cannot attend his school, and we depend on an agreement between the hospital center and the Department of Education of the Government of Catalonia.

What we do?

The general objective is to support and support the teaching and learning process of children and / or young people, sick and hospitalized, attending one of the educational stages of kindergarten, primary or secondary, thus facilitating their integration into the moment of reinstatement in their home school.

We work on the school, hospital, family and student staff.

We offer a framework to meet the educational, psychological, cognitive and social needs of children and adolescents, creating an atmosphere as similar as possible to an ordinary school.

We want to "change in positive" the memory of his hospitalization.

To achieve our goals we need a joint work with:

  • The educational centers, Educational Inspection, the teachers of Home Educational Assistance (AED), the Educational Services (EAP, CRP, ...)
  • The staff of Pediatrics: pediatricians, specialists, nurses, assistants, social worker, psychologist, ...
  • Other services of the hospital: volunteer of the Library, Communication, Computing, Customer Service, Environmental Management, ...

We value the importance of knowing hospital classrooms in training new teachers, and for this:

  • We are internship training center of different universities.
  • We do counseling sessions for college students in education science.

About us

  • Aurora Fernández Estruch
  • Maite Amorós You are

(teachers of the Education Department)

Schedule / Calendar

Like all public schools, the timetable and calendar set by the Municipal School Taulí are followed.

Information sessions for students and / or professionals

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Hospital classroom 'Escola del Taulí'
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