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Microscopic image of HIV virions in green, assembling on the surface of a lymphocyte

The volume of information on HIV and AIDS is extraordinary: huge in quantity and very heterogeneous in quality. Ten years ago we tried to 'order' this information to make it more accessible to the professionals of our Unit, and thus a fledgling version of this Web was born. We organized the information on clinical protocols, the most relevant journals and the conference calendar.

The first surprise we had browsing the Internet was to see the hundreds of AIDS pages posted on the net (and certainly not all of them). Ours, then, is only one of so many. Initially, and still now, a very important part of the content of our page was the list of links, organized by theme and also by our subjective preferences.

As we learned to navigate and structure information, we realized that one of the most exploitable uses of the Internet is the exchange of information, both between health professionals in other fields and / or patients, as well as with citizens in general seeking information about AIDS. As the main tool of this exchange we developed the Open Office, and hoping that it will be useful to all of us.

Lastly, we would like to take the opportunity to thank all those who have contributed to the development of this website, as well as the professionals who have developed other pages that are a source of consultation for all of us. From all of them we have learned. We hope that our task will contribute a little more to the fight to improve the health of our patients and to face the worst enemy that our society has in front of this and other diseases: ignorance.

The right information is the best tool to fight, prevent, treat and learn to live with AIDS.

This unit is integrated into the Infectious Diseases Service

Head of the Infectious Diseases Service

Photo by Manuel Cervantes Garcia

Manuel Cervantes Garcia