Accelerated surgery in patients with a hip fracture is feasible, safe, and has benefits

Accelerated surgery in patients with a hip fracture is feasible, safe, and has benefits 1080 605 Guillem Cebrian

More than 40 professionals from Parc Taulí in the services of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology, Anesthesiology, Internal Medicine, Nursing, UFFIS, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy have participated in a clinical trial led at our center by Dr. Mariano Balaguer, from the TOC service, to evaluate the effectiveness of accelerated surgical treatment in patients with a hip fracture.

The first results of this study, called HIP ATTACK, have been published in a article to the prestigious magazine The Lancet.

The study HIP ATTACK is a clinical trial that has included almost 3000 patients with hip fracture in 69 hospitals in 17 countries. Patients were randomized to accelerated surgical treatment or standard care. This is the first randomized clinical trial for surgical treatment of this magnitude.

The results of this study conclude that operating on a patient with a hip fracture in the first six hours after diagnosis does not reduce the risk of mortality or serious complications, but provides other benefits such as a decreased risk of delirium, infections urinary tract, pain and hospital stay. In addition, it highlights that patients with evidence of heart injury at the time of hospital admission could benefit from accelerated surgery, decreasing the risk of mortality and complications.

"This challenges the dogma of medical optimization before surgery, and calls for further research to explore the benefits of accelerated surgery in this risk group." Dr. stands out. Deveraux, co-principal investigator of the study.

This study has been led by Drs. Borges, Bhandari and Deveraux, del Population Health Research Institute and of the McMaster University, from Canada.

Information updated by: Montsant Jornet Gibert.

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