The I3PT makes its professionals visible in schools to awaken scientific vocations

The I3PT makes its professionals visible in schools to awaken scientific vocations 1080 810 Mireia Córcoles

La low attendance of girls in science, technology, engineering and math careers (STEM) is due in part to the lack of references for girls and young people, who have no visible figures to look up to, either because there are few women in management positions, or well because those who have managed to break the glass ceiling or have made outstanding contributions have been made invisible.

As the data show, this ends up translating into a reality that needs to be reversed: just one 28% of researchers in the world are women and the 35% of STEM career students are women. Faced with this situation, experts point out that it is necessary to awaken scientific vocations from a very young age.

The social commitment of the Institute

As part of the celebration on February 11 World Women's Day in Science, the team of the Institute wanted to contribute to the initiatives organized at a global level to promote the scientific and technical vocations of youth, especially among girls, and to recognize the key role that women play in the scientific and technological community.

“The 11F is an opportunity to reflect and debate on our role in reversing this structural and systemic inequality and agreeing on actions and commitments. We firmly believe that urgent change is needed and we cannot afford to lose 50% of our talent to meet the enormous challenges of the future, ”said I3PT Managing Director Gloria Palomar.

The Institute, with its ethical and social commitment, is aligned with the principles of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI, for its acronym in English), which includes six axes, three of which have been taken into account in this initiative: citizen participation, gender equality and science education.

The I3PT organizes different workshops in schools

With the aim of making visible that there are excellent, talented, empowered and leading women scientists in the health sector, the Institute (I3PT) has organized two workshops in schools.

On the one hand, the head of the Project Unit, Anna Aguilar, gave the talk "Our scientific mothers”To P4 and 2nd Primary students at Mas Boadella School in Sabadell with the aim of discover to the youngest the universe of the research centers and the female talent that exists in the Institute. "Scientific vocations must be awakened from an early age, when they are still in the process of personal discovery and begin to have a stronger vision of the world," said Aguilar.

On the other hand, Judith Juan i Laura Lizama, project managers of the Innovation Unit, have taught a hospital innovation workshop at the Can Planas Institute in Barberà del Vallès, where first-year students of the Baccalaureate in Science have learned first-hand what innovation is in hospitals, have learned about innovative solutions currently made by women, and have worked in groups to present innovative proposals in the face of a medical challenge.

Both the management of the Institute and the project managers They valued the initiative very positively, which, according to them, "has helped the students to see that in the face of a challenge we are all capable of finding a solution and that if we work as a team we will achieve good results". "This is essential to convey to them that they will be able to study what they like because we all have the ability to get where we want to go." Lizama and Juan have emphasized that this type of activity “contributes to the fact that through experiential experiences, so important in these ages, gender stereotypes are broken and vocations are awakened and formed".


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