Experts agree that we are still in a pandemic and that the guard cannot be lowered

Experts agree that we are still in a pandemic and that the guard cannot be lowered 1080 608 Mireia Córcoles

The Parc Taulí Research and Innovation Institute (I3PT) met last Thursday Manuel Cervantes, director of the Infectious Diseases Service at Parc Taulí, Bonaventura Clotet, director of IrsiCaixa and head of the Infectious Diseases Service at Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital, Maria Rosa Hall, head of the Vallès Epidemiological Surveillance and Public Health Emergency Response Service, and Mireia Subirana, Nurse Director of Parc Taulí. There are four voices of reference in our country to discuss the passatplatforms, present and the future full COVID-19 pandemic.

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The four experts who took part in the round table «How do we deal with the next COVID? Research, dissemination and patronage, the role of clinical professionals and citizens», Moderated by the journalist of Catalunya Ràdio Marina Romero, agreed that the guard cannot be lowered, because the COVID-19 is still very much present.

One of the other points addressed during the debate was the successes and failures in pandemic management, although, as the experts pointed out, "you can't talk about mistakes, especially during the first wave, because we didn't know what we were facing." However, they all stressed the fundamental role played by nurses during pandemic management.

The speakers also highlighted lthe importance of research to develop effective vaccines against the disease and in such a fast period of time. "There is no doubt that vaccines have had an incredible effect and have created a scenario that has helped a lot of people, but we have to see their effectiveness every year," said Clotet.

The event culminated with the presentation of the I3PT by its director, Luis Blanch, and the delivery of the Teresa Escursell scholarships, scholarships Impact Covid-19 and those of co-financing of research staff.

The winners of the scholarships were as follows:

Teresa Escursell Scholarships

  • "Pit3D“Principal Investigator: Maria Ángeles Placeres Gago; Amount: € 18.350
  • "Implementation of a digital tool for telematic monitoring and management of emotional and cognitive sequelae related to intensive post-care syndrome: impact on functionality and quality of life"
    Principal Investigator: Sol Fernández Gonzalo; Amount: € 32.715

COVID Impact Scholarships

  • "Cross-sectional study to evaluate the efficacy of the SARS-VOC-2 vaccine in patients with systemic rheumatic diseases grouped by disease severity”Principal Investigator: Joan Calvet Fontova; Amount: € 20.500
  • "Impact of sleep disorders on innate immunity in patients with COVID-19”Principal Investigator: Maria José Masdeu Margalef; Amount: € 20.500

Postdoc co-financing scholarship

  • Award winner: Miquel Sánchez Osuna
    Research group: Study group on community-acquired infections related to health care
  • Award winner: Marta Camprubí Rimblas
    Research group: Translational Research in the Critical Patient

Support personal co-financing scholarship

  • Award winner: Anna Carreras and Nolla
    Research group: Inflammatory joint disease, bone metabolism and systemic autoimmune diseases

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