New criteria to strengthen quality control in cytology

New criteria to strengthen quality control in cytology 482 467 Guillem Cebrian

The Mrs. Joana Gallardo, cytotechnician of the Pathology Service, and Dra. Neus Combalia (I3PT), together with a group of professionals from the Catalan Society of Cytopathology led by Dr. Tresserra, head of Gynecology Research and Development at Dexeus Mujer and head of the Pathological Anatomy Service at Dexeus University Hospital, has worked to define 13 priority indicators to improve the quality control of cytological samples.

The elaboration of these indicators represents the second phase of the book “Quality Guide in Cytopathology”: published in June 2019 by the Catalan Society of Cytopathology, of which Ms. Joana Gallardo is its co-editor, and together with Dra. Combalia, co-authors of the chapter “Post-analytical processes and quality assurance of analysis results”.

However, the results of this work have resulted in a scientific article which was published last October in the journal specializing in pathology, Diagnostic Cytopathology.

The aim of this guide is to define quality standards to facilitate the accreditation of cytology areas in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 15189 ″ standard. state Gallardo and Combalia

From this Guide, it has been established which indicators are a priority in each chapter of the same. These indicators refer to the need for the laboratory to have:

  • Continuing education control system.
  • Adequate infrastructure to carry out its activity.
  • Acoustic conditions suitable for the work being performed.
  • Equipment inventory, record of its maintenance and annual calibrations.
  • Equipment needed for proper traceability of samples.
  • Number of cytological samples rejected.
  • Number of cytological samples that are received in the laboratory without being correctly identified or that are not unequivocally associated with a request.
  • Use standardized protocols for staining preparations.
  • Periodically record changes in staining reagents used routinely.
  • Cyto-histological correlation in PAAF of Thyroid.
  • Registration and evaluation of discrepancies in gynecological cytology.
  • Deadline for delivery of results. The maximum response time for issuing the non-gynecological cytology report from the receipt of the sample in the laboratory should not exceed 4 working days.
  • Adequacy of final reports to standardized diagnostic systems. Cervical-vaginal cytology reports should express the diagnosis according to the standardized Bethesda system in its latest edition.

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