Parc Taulí delivered the Taulí 2020 Scholarships with 25 award-winning projects and a global endowment of 130.000 euros

Parc Taulí delivered the Taulí 2020 Scholarships with 25 award-winning projects and a global endowment of 130.000 euros 1024 576 Communication Parc Taulí

The ceremony took place on December 21 in streaming and was attended by the President of the Fundació Parc Taulí, Francesc Gòdia, the Director of Research and Innovation, Lluís Blanch and the President of the Research Ethics Committee Clinic, Miquel Àngel Seguí.

Relevant data from the Taulí Scholarships:

130.00 Euros

Endowment 2020 (Research and innovation grants + Step up)

2.102.621 Euros

Total accumulated 1999 - 2020

22nd call for Research and Innovation Taulí Scholarships

Endowment: 70.000 euros

This call for research and innovation Taulí Scholarships, to which 65 projects are eligible, has an economic endowment of 70.000 euros, which will be used to encourage research and strengthen the accredited research groups of the I3PT. At the same time, the UAB's call for grants for medical students aims to stimulate students' participation in research projects developed by I3PT researchers.

Any professional in the staff or contract at one of the centers that make up the CCSPT can apply for the Taulí Scholarship Call.

In this year's edition they have been selected 15 projects of the 59 presented. By categories:

  1. Aid for the search of accredited groups of the I3PT.
    1. Consolidated groups and groups in the consolidation phase: 7 awarded out of 31 submitted
    2. Emerging groups and associated groups: 5 awarded out of 24 submitted
  2. Grants for innovation projects: 3 awarded of 4 submitted.

Finally, in the 11th Call for Research Incentives for Medical Students of the Parc Taulí Teaching Unit, 6 applications have been submitted and the 5 scholarships.

Step up at the 2021 Taulí

Endowment: 60.000 euros (15.000 FPT + 45.000 Banco Sabadell)

8 applications have been submitted and have been granted 5 intensifications:

  • 1 intensification of 25.000 euros
  • 1 intensification of 14.000 euros
  • 3 intensifications of 7.000 euros

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