I3PT, member of the new Barcelona Medical Photonics Network

I3PT, member of the new Barcelona Medical Photonics Network 808 426 Communication Parc Taulí

On February 18, the inauguration of the Barcelona Medical Photonics Network. This network was born with the mission of promoting the activities of research and development in photonics which are carried out in the Barcelona region through long-term collaborations between ICFO and its biomedical and clinical partners. The I3PT is one of the 8 research institutes in the healthcare field that, as an institute associated with the Parc Taulí Hospital, is part of this network.

Due to its exceptional versatility, precision and non-invasive nature, photonics is playing an increasingly important role in medical techniques and practices, so it is considered a key technology for the evolution of healthcare in Europe. ICFO researchers have extensive experience in the development of photonic technologies for clinical use, in collaboration with doctors from around the world, especially those in the Barcelona area.

After more than a decade of close collaboration with hospitals and health specialists in the Barcelona area, the Barcelona Medical Photonics Network is formally created in order to consolidate and expand its scope, scope and the impact of these crucial relationships. This network is part of the program Light for Health of the ICFO, an initiative that was born and grew thanks to the impetus of the Cellex Foundation, and also with the support of the “la Caixa” Foundation and Barcelona City Council, as well as state funds and Europeans.

El Dr. James Mesquida of the research group “Translational research in the critically ill patient”Of the I3PT, and the Intensive Care Unit, are developing two international initiatives with ICFO to help doctors improve the management of COVID-19 patients: the projects HEMOCOVID-19 and VASCOVID.

The new network aspires to have an impact on society on many levels. The main joint efforts established to date have covered initiatives in disciplines such as neurology and neurosurgery, neonatal care, ophthalmology, oncology, intensive care monitoring, dermatology, rapid clinical analysis. , rehabilitation, sports medicine, wellness, sleep disorders and anesthesiology, among others.

The institutions that initially form part of the network together with the ICFO and the I3PT are the IGTP, the Research Institute of the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, the IDIBAPS, the Hospital Sant Joan de God, the VHIR, the VHIO, the Pere Virgili Health Park and the IMIM.

Image of the participants in the online inauguration of the Barcelona Medical Photonics Network

Image of the participants in the online inauguration of the Barcelona Medical Photonics Network

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