The Parc Taulí Research and Innovation Institute (I3PT) receives recognition as a CERCA center

The Parc Taulí Research and Innovation Institute (I3PT) receives recognition as a CERCA center 1080 828 Communication Parc Taulí

The CERCA Taulí of Trustees held yesterday, February 10, agreed to the incorporation of the I3PT as a CERCA center. This accreditation has been granted after an intense evaluation process.

The Parc Taulí Research and Innovation Institute has been recognized by the Taulí of Trustees of the Institution of Research Centers of Catalonia (CERCA) as a CERCA center. The mission of the CERCA Institution is to guarantee the adequate development of the Catalan research center system; foster and maximize synergies, coordination between centers and strategic cooperation; improve the positioning, visibility and impact of the research carried out and facilitate dialogue with the different public and private agents.

The CERCA recognition implies being part of the research structure of Catalonia, as a research center of quality and effective and efficient management, with a governance model that allows to reach standards of excellence and, at the same time, access to new economic resources. that allow to continue advancing with the scientific development of the I3PT.

The CERCA model of research centers in Catalonia has developed quantitatively and qualitatively in the last ten years, and has reached levels of scientific excellence in various areas. It is a model characterized by agile and autonomous management structures, recruitment of research talent, and efficiency in attracting competitive funds based on a high-level scientific activity.

What does it mean for I3PT to be a CERCA center?

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  1. A closer collaboration with other CERCA centers, which will allow:
    • Promote research and innovation in the territory.
    • Work on institutional policies and strategic lines such as responsible research and innovation, data management, or the improvement of the transfer of results to the productive sector to ensure economic return.
  2. More visibility of the I3PT. This visibility will greatly enhance national and international collaborations and talent acquisition. This fact clearly offers more opportunities to:
    • Participate in the Horizon Europe program.
    • Establish international collaborations.
    • Transfer knowledge derived from research to society.
    • Talent acquisition.
  3. Have significant and stable structural funding through program contracts with the Generalitat de Catalunya.
  4. Access to more funding opportunities for research and innovation projects
    • Specific grants CERCA: Gínjol, Awards.

The I3PT is the result of the integration of excellence in knowledge and the innovative and improvement capacity of research groups, integrated into the lines of research and belonging to the constituent entities of the Institute: Corporació Sanitària Parc Taulí, Fundació Parc Taulí, UDIAT Diagnostic Center, Sabadell Seniors Service Center and Autonomous University of Barcelona.


Congratulations to all the professionals who have made this important and well-deserved recognition possible!

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