The pilot test of the Pill-it project, the new medication management method driven by I3PT and ESDi, begins

The pilot test of the Pill-it project, the new medication management method driven by I3PT and ESDi, begins 1080 716 Laura Lizama

The Parc Taulí University Hospital consumes 1.303.300 plastic cups annually only for oral medication administration. Pill it born of the environmental and clinical need to minimize plastic waste in hospitals. For this, the Parc Taulí Research and Innovation Institute (I3PT) and the Sabadell School of Design (ESDi) have worked together in the design and development of a container that is part of the patients ’room and can be easily cleaned, thus eliminating the excessive use of plastic cups. The goal of Pill it is to decrease the use of plastics and waste in hospitals, changing the method in the administration of oral medication to patients.

The pilot test began on June 1 in the Complex Chronic Patient unit of Parc Taulí University Hospital. The study aims to validate the first prototype of Pill it from the point of view of the following aspects:

  • Security in medication administration
  • Usability towards professionals and patients / relatives
  • Suitability of the size of the device in relation to the different structures of the hospital
  • Ease of keep the device clean
  • Patient management with this device

Pill it is an innovative project that positions the Parc Taulí University Hospital as a sustainable and responsible hospital with the waste it generates. Besides, Pill it it can be scaled to other hospitals with the same problem.

Laura Lizama

Biomedical engineer passionate about bringing together the clinical, engineering and innovation world. Love building and working in multidisciplinary teams and together creating an impact in healthcare!

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