Three professionals from Parc Taulí, awarded more than € 188.000 in the PERIS Talent and Employability Promotion Program

Three professionals from Parc Taulí, awarded more than € 188.000 in the PERIS Talent and Employability Promotion Program 1080 614 Communication Parc Taulí

On 22 June, the final resolution of the PERIS call (Strategic Plan for Research and Innovation in Health 2016-2020) for the period 2021-2024 was published. In this year's call, instrumental actions will be funded within the Talent and Employability Promotion Program.

The purpose of PERIS is to improve the health of citizens based on the knowledge generated by research and innovation. The professionals from Parc Taulí who have received the grants are the nursing professionals Maria Jesús López Parra and Jordi Torralbas Ortega (in the instrumental action of intensification of health professionals: nursing modality), and the technologist Leonardo Sarlabous Uranga (in the instrumental action of incorporation of scientists and tencologists: modality of personnel of support to the groups of investigation).

The Parc Taulí projects that will receive the grants are the following:

  • Project: Comparison of 4 preformed dressings with the conventional dressing of nonwoven fabric and gauze in the treatment of wounds for primary orthopedic surgery of total hip and / or knee arthroplasty: Randomized clinical trial. adolescence. Modality: nursing intensification. Intensified professional: Maria Jesús López Parra. Amount awarded: € 57.239.
  • Project: Validation of a safety shield for subcutaneous venous reservoirs in young people. Modality: nursing intensification. Intensified professional: Jordi Torralbas Ortega. Amount awarded: € 57.239.
  • Project: Personalized and precision medicine for the critically ill patient with mechanical ventilation. Modality: Research staff support staff. Professional incorporated in the group "Translational research in the critically ill patient": Leonardo Sarlabous Uranga. Amount awarded: € 74.024,53.

Congratulations to all the professionals for this recognition!

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