The SELTO project, developed by I3PT and Ozestudi, wins the 2021th SHAM XNUMX Risk Management Award

The SELTO project, developed by I3PT and Ozestudi, wins the 2021th SHAM XNUMX Risk Management Award 1080 608 Mary Garrido

Coinciding with the World Patient Safety Day, today in the project SELTO, promoted since I3PT, has been awarded the V award Risk Management SHAM 2021 in the Medical Risk Reduction category with an amount of € 5.000.

The project, led by Jordi Torralbas (Mental Health) and Montserrat Selvas (Pediatrics) of the Parc Taulí Hospital in collaboration with ozetudio, has focused on the development of an innovative system for the protection of subcutaneous venous reservoirs (RVS) in the child and youth population. SVRs are implanted in patients when they need continuous vascular access for the administration of treatments. Thus, one of the main objectives of SELTO is to promote that people with RVS can perform physical activities in their daily lives without suffering, while increasing the feeling of security and decreasing the emotional burden associated with wearing an RVS. .

In addition to this award, the project has also received great recognition with the award of other grants, such as the Grants Private Charitable Foundation Barnola-Vallribera Sant Josep 2021 (amount awarded € 3.000) i PERIUS (Strategic Plan for Research and Innovation in Health 2016-2020) that will allow the intensification of Jordi Torralbas to dedicate himself to the project.

With all this financial support, it will be possible to finance different activities that will help to carry out the project, including one experimental study which will validate the functionality and acceptance, as well as evaluate the security of the device.

Mary Garrido

Degree in Chemistry (UAB) and PhD in Organic Chemistry (UB). After working for many years as a researcher in Medical Chemistry projects, I had the opportunity to delve into the world of innovation in the health sector. At I3PT I work in the Innovation Unit as a manager of health innovation projects.

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