Professionals from the Parc Taulí Health Corporation are designing a new pelvic restraint belt

Professionals from the Parc Taulí Health Corporation are designing a new pelvic restraint belt 1080 821 Mireia Córcoles

GRW, a company specialized in the design and production of seat belts and restraint systems in the Vallès Oriental, together with two professionals from Sabadell Senior Citizens and a professional from the Convalescence Unit of Parc Taulí, have designed Belt Box, for an innovative pelvic restraint belt which represents a considerable improvement over existing models in the market.

Belt Box it is designed to make it easier and more comfortable for the caring staff or family member to take care of their family member or user. At the same time, it allows greater comfort for the user, giving him the necessary autonomy at all times, through a system of blocking or mobility of the subjection.

This new belt, made with 3D printing, is characterized by being formed by a box with retention or mobility system; a padded fastening belt with perineal tape; safety buckles with movable key, and a protective cover of the device with different anchor points. It is also adaptable to almost any wheelchair or armchair.

Containment belts are prescribed by medical doctors to those people who, due to their pathology, need a mechanical restraint device in order to reduce the risk of falls. This restraint should always be monitored and should never be used to restrain or limit the movement of people. You must also have a consent signed by a family member or person guarding the recipient of this containment.

The initiative arose from this group of professionals from Sabadell Senior Citizens and of the Convalescence Unit who attended a training organized by the Innovation Unit of the Parc Tauli Research and Innovation Institute (I3PT). Previously, these professionals had detected the need to improve the belts used so far, as they were complicated to use and had technical aspects that caused them to break easily or be used incorrectly.

THEI3PT was responsible for making this initial idea a reality after contacting the company GWR to develop this new product, which will eventually be marketed. The device has been patented and prototyped in several iterations. Currently Belt Box is in the final iteration phase and is expected to be certified for imminent commercialization.

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