The I3PT promotes the creation of innovative opportunities in products and services for the elderly

The I3PT promotes the creation of innovative opportunities in products and services for the elderly 980 551 Mireia Córcoles

The Parc Taulí Research and Innovation Institute (I3PT) has participated in the open session “Aging Society and Design Thinking: New Opportunities for Innovation”With the aim of making known the different activities that are being carried out within the framework of the project CHEST Vallès Industrial: Innovation and design of European industry.

The PECTs, which are the beneficiaries of Sabadell City Council, Sant Quirze del Vallès City Council, the Textile Design Foundation, the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the I3PT, are projects of specialization and territorial competitiveness proposed by these entities. These are initiatives that articulate projects with operations and actions for the economic transformation of the territory and that have a strong innovation component.

On this occasion, Parc Taulí has ​​presented the operation it is leading “Industrial design and innovation at the service of active aging”Which has as its purpose improve the aging and health of the population over 60 years, taking advantage of their knowledge and experience to transform them into business opportunities. In order to achieve this goal, I3PT, in collaboration with the consultancy Tbi-IESE, has developed a methodology and a web platform based on the Design Thinking, which allow devise, create and develop innovative products and services focused on active and healthy aging.

Mary Garrido, project manager of the Innovation Unit of the I3PT, has announced the operation of the Parc Taulí within the project and the results of the actions that have been carried out so far. Likewise, Joaquim Vila, collaborator of the project and consultant of TBi-IESE, has presented the methodology and software platform of support developed in one of the lines of action of the project.

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