I3PT founds ANAIS Medical to bring high-realism medical simulation for interventional procedures closer to professionals

I3PT founds ANAIS Medical to bring high-realism medical simulation for interventional procedures closer to professionals 1080 720 Mireia Córcoles
  • ANAIS Medical is the new spin-off of the Institute that has been founded with the aim of developing practical educational material, using realistic models and simulators, which allows to train and improve the skills of clinical experts in interventionist procedures.
  • The company will be led by Dr. José Ibeas and will focus, in a first phase, on invasive processes related to dialysis patients.

Having the opportunity to perform simulations and train to perfection before facing a medical intervention with patients is what ANAIS Medical offers, ANAIS Medical, the new spin-off of the Parc Taulí Research and Innovation Institute (I3PT).

The foundation of ANAIS Medical, driven by the nephrologist of Parc Taulí University Hospital José Ibeas, will allow the design and manufacture of highly realistic simulation models so that medical students, residents and nurses can practice and develop the necessary skills and techniques before performing their first invasive procedures on patients, such as placing catheters in the jugular vein, creating a fistula by performing surgery on arteries and veins, puncturing fistulas or performing endovascular procedures such as angioplasties or putting a stent.

The ultimate goal is, according to the Ibeas team, to accelerate and improve the learning of future clinical experts in different areas such as nephrology, vascular surgery, radiology or nursing. This is possible thanks to the development of highly realistic simulation models through, on one hand, virtual reality products and, on the other hand, products made of synthetic material that reproduce human tissue and human anatomy in a very similar way, since they are based on the structures of real patients. In both cases, they explain, these virtual and synthetic models are almost unique in the market and offer a complete and realistic immersive experience to students.

"While physical models allow practical training and familiarization with invasive procedures in a risk-free environment, virtual reality offers a first interaction with anatomy in an environment that allows immersion in XNUMX dimensions," Ibeas emphasizes.

The interdisciplinary Clinical, Interventional and Computational Nephrology (CICN) group of I3PT coordinated by Dr. Ibeas has a long career path in the field of medical care, research and training, and lately, thanks to its mixed clinical and engineering infrastructure, also in innovation. Now, the foundation of ANAIS Medical as a spin-off will allow it to offer its products to the market.

With this new company, participated by the IXNUMXPT, the Institute strengthens its commitment to promote the transfer of knowledge and results generated to society and contribute to the economic development of the territory, as well as attracting and retaining talent. Likewise, with this milestone the Institute reinforces its position as a reference institution in health innovation.

Dr. Jose Ibeas, nephrologist at Parc Taulí University Hospital

ANAIS Medical has had the support of GENESIS Biomed, a leading consulting firm in the biomedical sector that has advised the spin-off in its creation and technology transfer. GENESIS Biomed actively participates in the role of interim CEO of ANAIS Medical and supports the creation of the team and the raising of public-private capital.


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