Artificial intelligence to improve care for critically ill patients with mechanical ventilation

Artificial intelligence to improve care for critically ill patients with mechanical ventilation 1080 605 Mireia Córcoles
  • I3PT will be part of the European consortium INTELLILUNG, which develops and clinically validates a decision support system based on artificial intelligence to optimize mechanical ventilation and improve ICU patient care and communication between caregivers , patients and relatives

La Invasive mechanical ventilation is one of the most widely used therapies to patients admitted to the intensive care units (ICU) and, in most severe cases, when this is not enough, extracorporeal pulmonary assistance is also initiated. This therapy is one of the most important and saves the most lives. However, mechanical ventilation can be potentially harmful as its incorrect application severely affects the organs, which contributes to a greater impact on the disease.

In addition, the dedication of clinical teams in relation to mechanical ventilation and extracorporeal pulmonary care is not always understandable for patients and relatives, as communication is often complicated due to lack of time and resources. or the ability of patients to understand and memorize information, among other factors.

A solution based on artificial intelligence

Faced with this challenge, the INTELLILUNG project (AI-DSS) will validate and expand a artificial intelligence decision support system designed to optimize the application of mechanical ventilation and extracorporeal pulmonary care in order to improve patient care in the ICU, as well as communication between clinical teams and patients.

The project will develop a digital solution which will allow the automatic generation of information with simple language for patients and relatives, to provide highly individualized information on disease and knowledge-based disease management strategies, thus providing high-quality patient care.

I3PT participation in the European project

I3PT Signal Laboratory, together with 15 European institutions, will participate in INTELLILUNG (AI-DSS), a project Research and Innovation Action(RIA) funded by the European Commission's Horizon Europe Framework Program.

Project partners will conduct a retrospective and prospective multicenter study to validate INTELLILUNG (AI-DSS) and patient information software.

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