I3PT launches the 2st call for the Node Taulí Incubation Program

I3PT launches the 2st call for the Node Taulí Incubation Program 1080 611 Mireia Córcoles

On May 17, the second call of the Node Taulí Incubation Program, aimed at all centers affiliated to the Node Taulí according to the PT20 platform Charles III Institute of Health (ISC III).

El Node Taulí is one of the 16 health organizations and research institutes funded by the ISCIII within the framework of the PT20 Platform. Each node, which groups a set of attached centers, aims to offer innovation services and project presentation support to the Platform.

The node has six affiliated centers: the Consorci Sanitari Integral, Consorci Sanitari Terrassa, Mútua Terrassa, Fundació Privada Hospital Asil de Granollers, Consorci Sanitari d'Alt Penedès-Garraf and I3PT; to which this year five more centers have joined: Germans Trias i Pujol Research Institute, Badalona Serveis Assistencials, Hermanas Hospitalarias Benito Menni, Fundació Sanitària Mollet and Girona Biomedical Research Institute Doctor Josep Trueta.

One of the programs promoted by the Node Taulí is the “Node Taulí Incubator”. This is a incubation program for innovative projects in the initial stages (TRLs <3) of the centers affiliated to the Node Taulí, which aims to provide access to a portfolio of valorisation services for projects to increase their maturity and impact, while training participants in health innovation.

The program is based on the Boston CIMIT methodology (adapted to Catalonia for the CIMTI), through which progress is made in the valorisation of projects from four key domains: clinical, market and business, regulatory and technological. This methodology recommends achieving specific goals for each of the domains mentioned, ensuring that projects progress in a faster, orderly and efficient way.

During the five months of the program, the participating research teams will obtain essential tools and resources for both the validation and valorization of their projects, and will have the support and guidance of a team of people with experience in innovation and entrepreneurship. Thus, among the benefits that the program seeks to provide, the following stand out:

  • Promotion of innovative and collaborative culture among the different professionals participating in the Node Taulí incubator
  • Training of participants in innovation and a successful work methodology
  • Creation of strategic documentation for competitive calls
  • Increase in the value, maturity and impact of the participating projects
  • Monitoring and support of projects throughout the program, which in this case are coordinated by the project managers of the Innovation Unit of the I3PT node Ismael Ávila and Judith Juan
  • Positioning of the participating projects in the ITEMAS hospital innovation network

The proposal submission period for the centers affiliated to the Taulí Node is open from May 17 to May 31. For more information, see is located here.

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