The I3PT creates Tailor Surgery, a spin-off dedicated to the application of 3D printing in traumatology

The I3PT creates Tailor Surgery, a spin-off dedicated to the application of 3D printing in traumatology 1080 608 Mireia Córcoles
  • The consolidation of the Parc Taulí 3D Laboratory as its own space for the design and manufacture of customized instruments and implants allows the establishment of this platform that will market its services on a global scale
  • 3D printing tools improve the diagnosis, treatment and recovery of surgical patients

Tailor Surgery is the new spin-off of theParc Taulí Research and Innovation Institute (I3PT) which is formed with the aim of globally marketing the line of customized instruments and customized implants in traumatology of the 3D Laboratory of the Institute.

In 2014, with the acquisition of the first 3D printer at Parc Taulí, a new line of work and research was born that used 3D printing with the aim of addressing complex cases in traumatology. Only one year later, the 3D Laboratory was formally established, thus responding to the clinical and research needs of Parc Taulí. Since then, the growth of activity using 3D technology to diagnose and treat patients has been exponential, going from 5 surgeries performed in 2014 to almost 500 in 2021, thanks to the efforts of the clinical team led by Dr. Ferran Fillat, consolidated in a unit referring to all of Spain.

Since the creation of the Laboratory in 2015, it has gone from performing 5 surgeries per year to almost 500 by 2021

The creation of Tailor Surgery as a spin-off will allow the activity carried out by the 3D Laboratory of design of surgical guides i custom implants become a platform that can market your services globally. Javier Peso will serve as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Ferran Fillat as Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of Tailor Surgery.

The surgical guides they are instruments made to measure from a part of the patient's body and manufactured using 3D printing. These guides are made with biocompatible materials, so they allow the operation plan to be reproduced in the operating room and allow the surgeon to have a reference of the path to follow during the operation. Likewise, they can also be used to practice surgery beforehand. According to Dr. Fillat, the benefits of these guides are multiple, since "they allow you to save time, maximize the precision of the area to be operated on, and thus avoid possible complications in the operating room and have a faster postoperative recovery" .

Likewise, Tailor Surgery will also focus its activity on the design and manufacture of customized implants. These, unlike conventional implants, are made to measure and in line with the patient's 3D surgical planning.

Tailor Surgery will allow the activity of the 3D Laboratory to design surgical guides and tailor-made implants to become a platform that markets its services globally

With this new company, participated by the I3PT, the Institute reaffirms its commitment to promote the transfer of knowledge and results generated to society and contribute to the economic development of the territory, as well as the recruitment and retention of talent. Also, with this milestone the Institute strengthens its position as a reference institution in healthcare innovation.

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