3D Laboratory of Parc Taulí consolidated as a national model in the medical use of 3D printing

3D Laboratory of Parc Taulí consolidated as a national model in the medical use of 3D printing 1080 608 Mireia Córcoles
  • The Generalitat de Catalunya has granted the health license to manufacture surgical guides and anatomical models for planning complex surgeries
  • Parc Taulí becomes the third hospital in Spain and the second in Catalonia to obtain this license to manufacture customized 3D healthcare products

The Parc Taulí has obtained the license to manufacture customized health products in its facilities by the Generalitat de Catalunya. This license will allow the 3D Laboratory to manufacture in its facilities and supply to other hospital centers.  

The hospital and research center is the second in Catalonia to receive this health authorization and the third in Spain, a milestone that consolidates the trajectory of Parc Taulí as a pioneering and reference center at national and European level in the medical use of 3D printing.

In recent years, the use of 3D technology has gained a lot of relevance in the healthcare sector. In the case of surgical interventions, this technology allows the surgeon to havemedical instruments adapted to each patient's body, which serve as a reference for the path to follow to practice the intervention. That's what they're called surgical guides, which are printed using 3D printing and provide numerous benefits for both the medical staff and the patient, as they provide effectiveness, efficiency, reduce risks and improve post-operative recovery.

This concession will also give authorization to the Laboratory for design and manufacture anatomical models to plan surgeries, that is, impressions of the anatomy of each patient, which allow the simulation in a real scenario of the patient's surgery before and during the surgery, in line with the surgical planning that the medical team has done with the engineering team of the 3D Laboratory. 

Another very important benefit that this license will bring, as explained by Ferran Fillat, responsible for the 3D Laboratory at Parc Taulí since its creation in 2014, is that it will allow digitally connect surgical planning with the manufacturing of the healthcare product which will allow personalization to reach more patients, in a safer and more efficient way. It will also facilitate the connection of the 3D Laboratory with different hospital services.

A consolidated and reference laboratory  

The 3D Laboratory has a consolidated track record within the sector and has developed projects that have responded to numerous clinical and research needs of Parc Taulí.  

Since 2014, the services of the 3D Laboratory have been used to diagnose and treat patients in more than 500 interventions. Also, Ferran Fillat's team has participated in projects as outstanding as the PIT3D, for the design and printing of custom breast prostheses for mastectomized women; the clinical validation of prototypes to print parts for healthcare use for collaborate in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic; wave creation this year of Tailor Surgery, a company dedicated to 3D printing in traumatology on an international scale.

This year, apart from the granting of this manufacturing license, the Institute has moved to a new building, plus the move to the new I3PT buildingwhich will allow the 3D Laboratory to have a much wider space and, therefore, to grow their activity. Likewise, thanks to obtaining financial aid from European project EcoQUIP +, the Laboratory will be able to receive new technological equipment. Finally, as Fillat underlines, the platform "incorporates biomedical engineering knowledge thanks to the latest integration of a biomedical engineer that will allow us to consolidate our position among the reference laboratories in the country".

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