Parc Taulí grants 24 projects with an endowment of 130.000 euros

Parc Taulí grants 24 projects with an endowment of 130.000 euros 1080 608 Mireia Córcoles
  • The I3PT has awarded the Taulí and Step up al Taulí Scholarships, with the support of the Banc Sabadell Foundation, with the aim of encouraging and enhancing research among the Institution's professionals

The Parc Taulí Research and Innovation Institute (I3PT) celebrated today the award ceremony of the 24th edition of the Taulí Scholarships, in which scholarships were awarded 24 projects with an amount of 130.000 euros.

They were awarded during the event 20 Taulí Scholarships (out of a total of 52 submitted), with one endowment of 70.000 euros, intended to encourage research and innovation and to strengthen the accredited research groups of the I3PT, as well as to stimulate the participation of UAB medical students in research projects developed by the Institute's research staff.

The attendees were also able to listen to the master lesson of the National Young Talent Research Award, ICREA research professor and principal researcher at IBEC, Núria Montserrat, who presented the paper: "Generating mino-organs "à la carte": dream or reality?».

For his part, the director of the I3PT, Lluís Blanch, has put in value the excellence of all the projects presented, evaluated by a panel of 86 professionals, as well as the work being carried out by the entire Institute team.

In his speech, he also highlighted the institution's good results achieved in 2022. Some highlights have been the more than 500 scientific articles published, with an impact factor of almost 4.000 points; the 74 innovation projects which are currently in different stages of maturation; the consolidation of spin-offs, or the success achieved in the public-private partnerships. Likewise, he explained that the most imminent goal of the Institution is to achieve the accreditation of the Carlos III Health Institute of the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

At the event, the Scholarships Step up at the Taulí 2023, which have an endowment of 60.000 Euros, thanks to the support of the Banco Sabadell Foundation which contributes 45.000 of the total. Of the 12 applications received, there are awarded to 4 professionals.

Throughout these 24 editions, the I3PT has awarded a total of 2.362.621 Euros a a very relevant figure within the health research sector in our country

It has continued with the recognition of the most outstanding scientific publications of the year, which this year distinguished the articles published by Xavier Serra Aracil and Laura Mora, Maria Llop and Jordi Gratacós, and Laia Badia and Oriol Gasch.

Finally, the director of the CSPT, Anna Aran, has emphasized the prestige and recognition achieved by the I3PT this 2022, as highlighted by the different players in the health ecosystem and the public.

  • Paul Trujillo

    I3PT management ladies,

    To whom it may concern,

    At the outset, it seems to me a great project to promote research among the Institution's professionals. However, I believe that there are some things that can be improved, especially in the matter of equity.
    Once I attended the event, it gave me the impression that what they are doing since the I3PT is empowering the already consolidated or consolidating groups and NOT the emerging ones, some of the beneficiaries of this edition have obtained up to three scholarships, which implies leaving the less than 2 really emerging groups without getting any resources to start their project.
    In this sense, I'm not talking about impartiality (our project at best didn't get any economic support because it wasn't well oriented to the objectives of this grant) but about equity (since I arrived at the Taulí I haven't received training to create groups in the I3PT although if they contacted me to know about my publications and include them in the memoirs; we mentioned our desire to participate this year in the TV3 Marathon and they also did not offer advice (now we are unmotivated)).
    I am speaking for my group embryo, but surely also for all those professionals who, like me, are trying to create our research group in this Institution (in our case we are waiting for two years of work to present ourselves), and we have not had any opportunity to compete with groups that have even benefited from previous calls.
    I hope that a different category will be taken into account in the next calls for real emerging groups (in training) different from groups in consolidation, which we have been working on for less than 5 years (in our case we expect two years of work to present). It is not easy to find time to convince other clinicians to do research, in addition to continuing with their healthcare activity. Without previous resources, the greatest opportunity to obtain funding is at the institutional level, but when this lack of true equity is evident, it is not only demotivating, but also runs the risk of demobilizing members of the groups that are taking time out of their time free to do research within your healthcare activity in the Taulí.

    I hope that this comment reads as a positive constructive suggestion and not as a complaint, although in any case it would have the same meaning.

    Greetings and happy holidays!

    • Communication

      Hi, Pablo,
      Thank you for sending us your message. We share your suggestion with the Institute's management.
      Likewise, I would like to inform you that on the Intranet we have at our disposal a mailbox for suggestions and complaints so that messages can be sent directly to the address of the I3PT.
      Thank you again, and Happy New Year!

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