An AI app to predict stroke, awarded at the Node Taulí Demo Day

An AI app to predict stroke, awarded at the Node Taulí Demo Day 1080 608 Mireia Córcoles
  • The I3PT celebrates the final of the second edition of the Taulí Node Incubator Program, within the framework of the ITEMAS platform
  • The RACE Plus project of the IGTP, which will continue to receive support to advance towards the market, has been selected in this edition of the incubator. Likewise, the I3PT project, Gliostage, has received a special mention from the jury

RACE Plus it's a application based on artificial intelligence that predicts the percentage of patients with large vessel occlusion (a type of stroke), which requires a rapid referral to a tertiary hospital for its treatment with endovascular techniques. This has been the project of the Germans Trias i Pujol Institute, led by the researcher Natàlia Pérez de la Ossa, which the jury has selected as Demo Day winner - the act that closes the second edition of the Taulí Node Incubator Program.

For 10 months, this project, as well as the other 7 projects that have been part of the second edition of the program, have received support to advance in its technological maturity. In other words, they have had access to methodological tools in innovation and essential resources for the validation and enhancement of their ideas, thanks to this program coordinated by the Parc Taulí Research and Innovation Institute within the framework of ITEMAS.

Of these 8 projects, 5 have been selected to participate in the final, in which the representatives of each project have defended their proposal in front of a jury, which has selected RACE Plus as “Project with the most potential” and has made one special mention to the Parc Taulí Gliostage project, led by the researcher Sílvia Gil.

El selected project will continue to receive the support of the Innovation Unit of the I3PT, in order to continue advancing in its maturity.

The other 3 projects that participated in the Demo Day are Pectoral-abdominal restraint, of the Benito Menni Hospital Sisters Mental Health Care Complex, IWAG, of the Granollers Asylum Private Foundation, and Single window, of the Terrassa Health Corporation.

The director of the I3PT and coordinator of the ITEMAS platform, Luis Blanch, emphasized that "the transfer of knowledge to the productive fabric is essential for society and for hospitals, and initiatives like this are crucial for our health system".

El The Incubator Program is one of the services offered by the Node Taulí with three main objectives: to promote the innovative and collaborative culture among the different professionals who participate, to train the participants in innovation and in a validated work methodology, and to increase the value, maturity and impact of the participating projects.

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