Parc Taulí is looking for pregnant women and their partners to participate in a study on mental well-being

Parc Taulí is looking for pregnant women and their partners to participate in a study on mental well-being 1080 608 Mireia Córcoles

A research team from the Parc Taulí Research and Innovation Institute is carrying out the BBenestar study to advance the knowledge of the mental well-being of women and couples during pregnancy and the first year after birth, and the determinants of positive mental health.

The work, led by the midwife and researcher of the Nursing Research Group of the I3PT and the GHenderS Group of the Ramon Llull University Cello Escalé, looking for 400 pregnant women and 400 volunteer couples to participate in the first phase of the investigation.

This observational study will be carried out during pregnancy and up to a year later, to learn about the individual mental well-being of these people and analyze its association with socio-demographic, economic, lifestyle and health factors, with social support and with the level of resilience.

"Our study addresses a current gap in the literature by focusing on positive, rather than negative, mental health in women and couples from the third trimester of pregnancy to twelve months postpartum," explains the main researcher.

In this first phase, extensive information will be collected about the pregnancy, birth and postpartum, lifestyle habits, social support, level of resilience and information about the mental health of the study participants. This will be done through six questionnaires (between 10 and 25 minutes) that will be sent at different stages of pregnancy and during the year after the birth, and can be answered from home.

Do you want more information? Download the information sheet

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