Antoni Artigas and Xavier Calvet, ranked among the best medical researchers in the world

Antoni Artigas and Xavier Calvet, ranked among the best medical researchers in the world 1080 608 Mireia Córcoles

The researchers of Parc Taulí Antoni Artigas and Xavier Calvet have been recognized among the best scientists in the world in the area of ​​medicine, according to latest edition of the ranking.

Specifically, Artigas has been placed in the position 159 of the State, the 11.644 in the world, with 390 scientific publications, 39.119 citations and a D Index of 80. On the other hand, Calvet has been ranked in the position 234 of the table on a national level, and in the 17.680 worldwide, with 430 publications, 15.890 citations and a D Index of 70.

Antoni Artigas has a long and distinguished career in the field of research and in the healthcare sector, as director emeritus of the Taulí ICU. His research has focused on the pathophysiological mechanisms, treatment and outcome of sepsis, for which he has received numerous awards and distinctions. He is currently a member of the CIBER of Respiratory Diseases of the ISCIII (CIBER). In addition, he has also held very relevant positions in several scientific societies, being an active member of some of them.

Xavier Calvet is professor of Medicine at the UAB and principal researcher at the CIBER of Liver and Digestive Diseases of the ISCIII (CIBEREHD) at Parc Taulí, and principal investigator of the group of Inflammatory bowel disease, liver and Helicobacter pylori of the I3PT. His area of ​​specialty is the digestive system, and the main lines of his research revolve around the diagnosis and treatment of infection by Helicobacter pylori, inflammatory bowel disease, and liver cirrhosis. He has participated in different national and international consensus conferences on the management of infection by Helicobacter pylori, including the positioning document of the Catalan Society of Digestology and the Spanish Conference.

To develop this ranking, the inclusion criteria for academics to be considered in the ranking is based on their discipline H-index (D-index), the proportion of their contributions made within a given discipline, as well as awards and achievements in the specific areas. The D-index is used to rank the scholars in descending order combined with the total number of citations.

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